Flat illustration of an apple to keep the doodle crave at bay

Reigniting the joy of drawing from when I was younger, I realized I needed to get back to basics. This flat illustration of an apple was drawn in Adobe Illustrator using a photo from Google images as reference

I was inspired by the video, Any Idiot Can Learn to Draw, where Mattias Pilhede noted that reference material is important until repetition creates muscle memory. Perhaps that last part is less important for a quadriplegic. The important part is about letting go of our preconceptions about what something is.

This is called symbol drawing. It means you need to let go of what you see in your head when someone tells you to draw a hand, an eye, or a human being. Instead draw what you see with your own eyes.  Next time you draw an eye, try to let go of all preconceived ideas of what an eye looks like.

Not knowing what something looks like adds to the predisposition that you can’t draw. It’s all about perspective. An important aspect of drawing. Reference material helps you gain new perspective and expand your ability to draw.