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On Writing Well

It’s currently 15 minutes before I get into bed. I can’t delay the inevitable. That’s one downside of having to count on others to get you into bed. But I haven’t written anything for today. I thought quite a bit about what I might write, but I didn’t take action and actually write anything.

So, I’m writing about my procrastination about writing today’s post. I did a fair bit today, but I did not write until now. That’s disappointing. It’s a daily goal of mine.

I think I need to start writing first thing in the morning. I’m not typically productive first thing in the morning but I am productive after I get the ball rolling.

Implementing this change would also help me avoid wasting time thinking about what I might want to write about. It’s a complete waste of time because the energy in thinking is not acted upon. Thoughts are lost by the time I write. This is also counterproductive to my end game.

I need to make changes that will help me write and articulate a thought in that very moment.

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