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My Workflow in Adobe Illustrator

One of my first creative interests was drawing. I would look at Disney characters in books and then try to draw them myself. I wasn’t great, but I wasn’t bad either. I actually came across some of the characters I drew not too long ago and was impressed by my younger self. I also really enjoyed it.

I still like to express my creativity today. Not having the use of my hands makes drawing less fun with a paper and pencil. Nowadays, I enjoy opening up Adobe Illustrator. I always see advice on the Internet about getting your ideas down on paper with a pencil first. It’s a boring argument for me.

Starting your design in Adobe Illustrator isn’t easier, but my choices are limited. One trick that I have been doing is a trick that I Just saw mentioned by Aaron Draplin in his Skillshare video Aaron Draplin on Working Efficiently and Illustrator – Vectors Are Free. A short video with great advice.

The idea is that you duplicate your work after each change. It gives a visual reference to previous ideas and allows you to go back and start again from a previous iteration. He does a good job of showing this approach in the video.

For me, I have found that this approach helps replace the, “jot it down with paper and pencil first,” advice preached by so many gurus.

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