Future of Web Design & Development

The way I see it, there are three camps for web design & development. In one camp, you have freelancers and agencies. In another, you have in-house teams devoted to design and development. Lastly, you have startups that sell it as a do-it-yourself product.

The industry as a whole is very young. It supports these three camps right now because the ecosystem is fractured. Businesses seeking website work have varying levels of understanding about the industry. This leads them to choose one of the three options based on criteria that may not create a good match.

Freelancers, agencies and in-house teams have the flexibility to adapt to the changing industry more easily than do-it-yourself products. They can also cater to a client’s needs.

In the future, I believe small and medium size businesses will give more credibility for freelancers and design agencies.  All large businesses will be able to justify the expense of having an in-house team.

What will cause these trends to continue? Designing, developing and managing businesses online is no longer a one-time expense.

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