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Designing My Logo

I spent the last few days playing with logo concepts in Adobe Illustrator; in lieu of writing on the blog. I came up with several concepts that gradually led to a logo I’m very happy with. I’ll briefly walk you through the major logo concepts I created.

It’s important to understand that I didn’t just come up with these ideas out of thin air. Each step and idea led me to the next.

The first ideas you’ll see revolve around another personal domain of mine where Lewis was the only part of the domain name that was a personal identifier. Designing a logo for this first domain, my online identity, showed me that branding myself under the domain wasn’t the right path.


My approach above was to utilize the first letter of my last name in the design. I ultimately moved past these concepts because I felt my identity was lacking. It also convinced me that I needed a new domain.

After I purchased this domain, I started playing with my initials. The next image shows a logo concept using basic squares. Once I could see the possibilities, I refined the concept so that I could visualize it better.


Once I was able to visualize the idea above, I started toying with the D because I felt it was too boxy. Once I rounded the D below, I realized it might look good using negative space.


I watched a fair bit of TV when I was younger and one of my favorite channels was USA. I think I like the results of my logo conquest because it reminds me of the USA logo. More importantly, it represents me. You can see the final version below.


My next task for this website is to create a header using the new logo. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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Hi Mark. I like the visual style. The D seems very prominent, with the L taking a back seat, leading to me reading it as ‘MD. Oh, MDL.’ Maybe the name underneath could be a little heavier to further support the letter shapes above?

I,too, really should create a logo (and a website) for myself.

Thank you for the feedback David!

I had some initial concerns as well. Interestingly, I adopted the view that my first and middle name represent me as a person more than my family name. So I’m okay with the emphasis on those two letters.

I have definitely not exhausted or finalized the typeface for Mark D Lewis; I agree, a heavier font would balance it out a bit better.

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